How to Negotiate with the Banks

I'm often asked how easy it is to negotiate real estate with the banks.  Since there are so many foreclosures (aka bank repos), people automatically assume the banks are desperate and need to sell th read more

Orange County Real Estate Inventory

Its been almost two months since we've posted a blog about the inventory for real estate in Orange County.  As you've heard and read- its slim pickings out there right now.  Slowly, house prices are read more

Orange County Real Estate Inventory

As expected, inventory in Orange County still remains low.  There are slight fluctuations, but overall, its staying somewhat steady.  San Clemente, however, has gone down a tad.  In our blog posted read more

Low Inventory in San Clemente & Orange County Real Estate

The particular information below is written about San Clemente.  The same principle applies for most coastal cites in Orange County. I wanted to pass along a remarkable number - 235.  There are j read more

March in Real Estate

This month in real estate talks about properly pricing your home.  Many people think you can list your home for a high amount- hoping to sell quicker at a higher value.  This generally is not the read more

Updated Website

Welcome to the newly improved website.  This site isn't entirely new- its been up since I started working with Keller Williams Real Estate in Feb of 2007.  After 5 long years, I figure it was time t read more

This month in Real Estate

Each month our company produces a new video that shows the currently news of real estate nationwide.  They're quick, informative bits of info.  Take a look, the video is only 2 minutes. Enjoy! read more